Personalized Burp Cloths, Chenille Baby Blankets, Personalized Bibs, & Baby Gift Baskets

All About Toile

What's not to love about Toile?  What a classic and timeless design that makes a very elegant baby gift.  BabyBurps is proud to add to our toile offerings by adding two new toile ribbons - Red and Black - to our existing colors of Pink, Blue and Sage.  These toile ribbons embellish our personalized burp cloths to make a perfect baby gift. 

Now, we would like to introduce our new toile bibs and blankets.  Our personalized bibs are available with any of the five toile ribbon colors.  And our blankets are created with either pink, blue or sage flannel with either a solid flannel back or a luxurious chenille backing.  Combine a personalized toile burp cloth, bib and snuggle blanket to make a wonderful and cherished baby gift that will be the highlight of the babies' new room.  We are offering several different gift sets below for your ease of ordering or you may create your own combination.

Toile Ribbons:








Toile Snuggle Flannel for Blankets:

(young children playing in country setting)






Personalized Toile Items:

Toile Burp Cloth Collection (Set of 3): $28.50

Toile Bib:  $15.00

Toile Flannel Baby Blanket with Solid Flannel Back: $26.50

Toile Flannel Baby Blanket with Solid Chenille Back $38.50

Personalized Toile Gift Sets:

Toile Burp Cloth and Bib: $25.00

Toile Burp Cloth, Bib and All Flannel Blanket:  $49.50

Toile Burp Cloth, Bib and Chenille Blanket: $61.50

Toile Burp Cloths (3), Bib and All Flannel Blanket: $65.00

Toile Burp Cloths (3), Bib and Chenille Blanket: $76.50

Make any of these gift sets a Basket for only $5 more!!!